INTERIOR SHAMPOO is a high foaming, pH-balanced, premium, shampoo designed for cleaning all automotive interior surfaces. It is highly effective and recommended for the cleaning of all leather surfaces.


DIRECTIONS: Read Safety Data Sheet before using. Use for intended purposes only.  Dilute 1 part of Interior Shampoo with 20 parts of water. Agitate to create foam. Using foam to clean decreases water left behind and reduces dry time. Dampen a rag and wipe the dashboard and other hard surfaces. Use a carpet cleaning brush for stubborn spots. Dampen a rag with clean water and wipe off residue. Wipe with clean, dry towels or vacuum with a Wet/Dry Vacuum. Allow to air dry.


CA Prop 65: WARNING! This product contains a chemical(s) known to the State of California to cause cancer (sulfuric acid). For more information visit


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